Articles of Incorporation

Chapter 1 General rule

Article 1

This corporation shall be called Free Press Association of Japan (hereinafter referred to as FPAJ)

Article 2

FPAJ shall set a main office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Chapter 2 goals and operations

Article 3

FPAJ shall set its goals to protect freedom of expressions, advance democracy, and foster work ethics of journalists by equally securing the right to access to information for all journalists who engage themselves in interviewing and/or reporting and by diversifying the opportunity to interview with and/or to report on important news sources, in particular, public figures and VIPs from home and abroad.

Also, FPAJ shall set its goals for operation to secure Japanese people’s right to know what’s what, improve Japanese people’s lives at a steady rate, and promote mutual understanding among nations by sharing FPAJ’s business with Japanese public via the organization’s members’ journalistic activities and reports.

(Translator : Seiichiro Koizumi)