Statement of Protest to the detention of Mr. Tsuneoka

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Free Press Association of Japan

Statement of Protest to the detention of Mr. Tsuneoka

 On September 17, 2011, the freelance journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka was detained by the Pakistani authorities while travelling domestically from Islamabad to Quetta at Islamabad’s BENAZIR BHUTTO International Airport.

 Mr. Tsuneoka has been kept inside the departure halls of the airport for five days without access to proper accommodation and during this time he has not been able to shower once. Mr Tsuneoka has been asking to be moved to a hotel in the city, but his request has been denied without proper explanation.

 We at the Free Press Association of Japan believe in the freedom of speech and in the freedom of news gathering for all journalists, thus we protest the detention of Mr.Tsuneoka with no legitimate reason, and we demand his immediate release.

 Moreover, we strongly urge the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do its utmost to secure the release of its citizen, who is unjustly detained. Freedom of movement, freedom of speech is guaranteed in the Constitution and these rights should be respected fully noting that Mr. Tsuneoka’s detention has; however, halted his ability to practice these rights.

Takashi Uesugi

Director of Free Press Association of Japan (FPAJ)